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Want to see my art in person?
Maybe you can make it out to an event!

Upcoming Events

April 2024
Solo Show at Mill Courtland Community Centre (216 Mill St. Kitchener)
Stop by and try and match the titles to my paintings and get a chance to win a pizza!
June 1st 1-4
Join myself and Nadine Badran as we run a mural workshop as part of The Creek Collective to celebrate Schneider Creek!
All ages welcome. 
Hosted by REEP
20 Mill St. Kitchener
The Creek Collective
May 2nd 2024
Projections at Playsmelter Festival in Sudbury.
If you are in the area, please go see my art projected along with other amazing artists as part of The Covert Collective and Pat the Dog.

Past events

Frederick Art Walk


October 14, 2023


9 Samuel st., Kitchener


As always, I will be there with some original work and would love to see you there!


For a list of older events

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